And….it’s time.

Time for another journey!  Two years ago I spent a couple months in Peru, and had a predictably amazing time.  Now I’m turning my sights to a Round The World Trip starting Summer 2014.

New Friends?

New Friends?

My plan is to do some touring and just looking around, some working or volunteering in places for a month or so, some living in a place for a while, and lots of openness for possibilities that I can’t imagine right now.

And here’s where I’d love your help.  What could I see/do?  Who can I visit?

I like to start off with a theme or two, to help guide me in making choices about what to do, and where to do it.  And I could use your help here too!

For example, three of my themes for Peru were “Adventure, Philanthropy, and Dave 3.0”    Not bad, and they’ll probably be continued, but it seems like a Quest could be fun.  I’ve been influenced by Joseph Campbell and his travel journal, “Sake and Satori”, so I’m thinking one theme could be “Meaning”.  As in, how do people create meaning in the work in the year 2014?  I’m imagining getting to know locals as personally as I can, in going to important cultural events and rituals, in learning histories and seeing how current society carries them to today.

Another theme I’m thinking about is History – visiting places where important events have happened (where the Buddha sat under the tree, Hiroshima, Gandhi’s home, etc.).

Anyway, I would love to hear about more themes, or places, people, and experiences to have.    If you have some ideas, leave a comment here or send me an email!

If you feel intrepid enough to JOIN me for a segment of my journey, let me know that too!  While I do want some alone time, I’ll would love to have a friend or two (or more!) join in the adventure.  Is there a place you’ve wanted to go but don’t want to go alone, or need a motivation to do it?  Go with Dave!

Next……my initial, almost-certain-to-change itinerary!

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